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J&K Police Crime Branch

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J&K Police Crime Branch

The Crime branch of J&K Police was initially a part of CID Organization of J&K Police. It was separated in the year 1978 to function independently. Two Police Stations viz. Police Station Crime Branch Srinagar and Crime Branch Jammu were created to deal with the specified crimes.

Government of Jammu and Kashmir Civil Secretariat Home Department.


SRO 133: In exercise of the powers conferred by clause of the subsection (1) of section 4 of the Code of Criminal Procedure, Samvat 1989 (Act No. XXIV of 1989) the Government hereby declare the office of the Superintendent of Police Crime Branch Kashmir and the office of Superintendent of Police, Crime Branch Jammu to be the Police Stations within their respective jurisdiction for the purposes of investigation of offences under local and special laws and relevant sections of the Ranbir Penal Code as indicated in the Annexure “A” to this Notification.

By order of the Government of Jammu and Kashmir

No. Home-306/90/ISASd/- Dated: April 2nd, 1991 Secretary to Government, Home Department.

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Following is the contact information of the Jammu & Kashmir Crime Branch:

Contact Details

Name Designation Address Telephone Numbers
Sh. Deepak Kumar-IPSADGP CRIME BRANCH J&KChanni Rama Jammu, Jammu & Kashmir India 0191-2572475 (O) 0191-2564210(Fax) Exibition Road Srinagar Jammu & Kashmir India 0194-2489026(O) 0194-2489025(Fax)
Sh. Abdul Qayoom-IPSDIG CRIME BRANCH Jammu & KashmirChanni Rama Jammu, Jammu & Kashmir India 0191-2572475 (O) 0191-2564210(Fax)Exhibition Road, Srinagar Jammu & Kashmir India 0194-2489026 (O) 0194-2489025 (Fax)
Sh. Mohd Yaseen Kichloo-IPSSSP CICE Jammu and Kashmir--
Sh.Suhail Munawar-JKPSSSP CRIME BRANCH KASHMIRExibition Road Srinagar,Kashmir0194-2471828(O), 0194-2489030(O)
Sh.Benam Tosh-KPSSSP Crime Branch JammuChanni Rama Jammu, Jammu & Kashmir India0191-2578901(O)
Sh. Amarjit Singh-JKPSSSP (SO to ADGP Crime Crime Branch J&K)Channi Rama Jammu, Jammu & Kashmir India 0191-2566716Exhibition Road, Srinagar Jammu & Kashmir India 0194-2489028
Sh. Raj Kumar-JKPSSSP ANTF Jammu and Kashmir--
Sh. Sandeep Kumar Mehta -JKPSSSP Special Crime Wing JammuChanni Rama Jammu, Jammu & Kashmir India 0191-2578901(O)111
Dr. Sunaya Wani-JKPSDySp Crime Branch Crime Records BureauChanni Rama Jammu, Jammu & Kashmir India0191-2433110(Fax), 0191-2436737