Trainings of J&K Police

Date Orders Nos. Order Subject
Nov 16, 20223866 of 202215weeksPoliceWirelesscommunicationcourse(PWCC)Level-III,at PTTI Vijaypur
Nov 16, 20223867 of 2022Basic Induction Course at PTTI Vijaypur
Nov 14, 20223824 of 2022" Combating Terrorism Strategies-How to Choke finance" held at NIA
Nov 12, 20223822 of 2022"Workshop Cum Training Programme for ROCs and police Officers at IICA
Nov 12, 20223821 of 2022"Police Basic Cipher Course " scheduled to commence at Central Police Radio Training Institute (CPRTI)
Nov 12, 20223823 of 2022.Enable Police Officers to be Custodian of Society (Nlission Karmayogi)" at PTS Manigam
Nov 11, 20223791 of 2022"Tracing Missing Children and Tackling Anti-Human Trafficking"s at BPR&D Hqrs.
Nov 11, 20223795 of 2022''Cyber Fortnsics at SKPA Udhampur
Nov 11, 20223799 of 2022"Investigation of Cyber Crime Case & Use of Darkweb ond Crypto Currency" at CDTI
Nov 11, 20223796 of 2022"UAV Drone System Category-I & II" scheduled to be held ar CTC Leethpora
Nov 11, 20223798 of 2022"Photography Refresher" at PTTI Vijay pur
Nov 11, 20223797 of 2022"Refresher Course" scheduled to commence at PTTI Vijaypur
Nov 11, 20223790 of 2022International Meet of Digital Forensic Expert Group in association with Interpol at NSFU
Nov 10, 202259685"Intensive Practical Training Programme in Digital Investigation and Cyber Forensic" scheduled to be held at National Cyber Crime Forensic Lab IFSO, Building, Sector 16C, Dwarka, Delhi
Nov 10, 202259679ha ndling / rna interrancc of Door Frame Metal Detector (Portable) make Technogrice Model-Gi7" at PTTI Vijaypur
Nov 05, 20228705Offline Course Investigation of NDPS at CDTI Chandigarg
Nov 05, 20223734Efficient Traffic management at CAPT Bohpal
Nov 05, 20228752Anti Sabotage Check & X-Ray Baggage at PTTI Vijaypur
Nov 05, 20228782Police Communication at CPRTI New Delhi
Nov 05, 202259023Smart Policing at SKPA U
Nov 05, 20228742NCORD-Prosecution & Court procedure in NDPS
Nov 05, 202259405Disaster Management Course at PTTI Vijaypur
Nov 05, 202259029Dark Web & Crypto Currency at SVP NPA Hyderbad
Aug 01, 20222596 of 20225 days Investigation of Heinous Criminal Offences at SKPA Udhampur
Jul 23, 20222519 of 2022Six Weeks Establishment Course at SKAPU
Jul 23, 20222518 of 2022Terrorism Financing course at NIA Hqrs
Jul 21, 20222490 of 2022The Role of Technology in Crime and Crime Prevention at IIT Mumbai
Jul 19, 20222447 of 2022Investigation of Organized Crime at CDTI Chandigarh
Jul 18, 20222427 of 2022Operational Tactics and use of Technology in LICM at CRPF Academy Haryana
Jul 16, 20222396 of 2022CCTNS at RPCTC Luknow
Jul 16, 20222398 of 2022Access Control at PTTI Vijaypur
Jul 16, 20222397 of 2022Enable Police Officers to be Custodian of Society(Mission Karamyougi) at SKPAU
Jul 12, 20222333 of 2022Anti Sabotage Course at PTTI Vijaypur
Jul 04, 20222893 of 2022Bomb Disposal Course at NSG Training Centre Haryana
Jul 04, 20222891 of 2022Office Automation Awareness & Advance Course at RPCTC Lucknow
Jul 04, 20222890 of 2022Capsule Corse on Mobile Forensic & CDR Analysis at NEPA Umsaw
Jun 17, 20222073 of 2022Geospatial Technology (GIS & Remote Sensing) at LNJN NICFS Delhi
Jun 16, 20222041 of 2022Drug, Law Enforcement Forensic Science & Financial Investigation at NICFS Delhi
Jun 16, 20222042 of 2022Introduction to Internet Governance and DNS security at NICFS Delhi
Jun 16, 20222040 of 2022Enable Police officers to be custodian of society at SKAPU
Jun 07, 20221972 of 2022Deputation of Prob-DySP for 04 weeks training programme at Central Academy for Police training Bhopal
Jun 06, 20221935 of 2022Cyber Forensic training programme at SKPAU
May 21, 20221746 of 2022Disaster Managment Course at PTTI Vijaypur
May 20, 20221733 of 2022Office Automation & Color Portriate Buliding System at RPCTC Lukhnow
May 18, 20221696 of 2022Commando Course CTC Lethpora
May 17, 20221687-1688 of 2022Transfer & Posting
May 14, 20221674 of 2022Transfer and Posting
May 13, 20221665 of 2022Transfer and Posting
May 11, 20221633 of 2022Transfer & Posting
May 10, 20221628 of 2022Enable Police Officers to be custodian of Society(Mission Karamyogi) at PTS Manigam
May 10, 20221629-1630-1640-1635 of 2022Appointment under SRO 43
May 10, 20221627 of 2022Enable Police Officers to be custodian of Society at PTS Manigam
May 07, 20221604 of 2022Pre Promotion Course of SGCT at STC Talwara
May 07, 20221602 of 2022Investigation of Dark Web Train the trainer at CAPT Bhopal
May 07, 20221603 of 2022Intellectual Property Rights (IPRs) at SKAP Udhampur
May 06, 20221597 of 2022Traffic Induction Course at PTTI Vijaypur
Apr 21, 20221441 of 2022Urban Operation at NPA Hyderabad
Apr 21, 20221440 of 2022SSG/SSF Refresher Course at PTTI Vijaypur
Apr 20, 20221407 of 2022NATGRID Solution at NATGRID office New Delhi
Apr 20, 20221406 of 2022Victim Phycology & Victim Assistance course at NEPA Meghalya
Apr 20, 20221418 of 2022Coumnity Policing at SKAPU
Apr 13, 20221342 of 2022Investigation of Organized Finical Crimes at CDTI Chandigarh
Apr 13, 20221343 of 2022Checking of Electronic Equipment's at PTTI Vijaypur
Apr 13, 20221365 of 2022Investigation of Financial Fraud and Corporates Offences at NEPA Meghalaya
Apr 13, 20221353 of 2022DSI Investigation of Murder/Homicide Cases at CDTI Chandigarh
Apr 11, 20221305 of 2022ASC & X-Ray Baggage Scanners at PTTI Vijaypur
Apr 11, 20221306 of 2022Cyber Crime & digital Forensic NCRB Delhi
Apr 06, 20221265 of 2022Traffic Refresher Course at PTTI Vijaypur
Apr 04, 20221250 of 2022Lower Class Corse at STC Sheeri
Apr 04, 20221252 of 2022Human Rights & Gender Sanitization CRPF Academy Haryana
Apr 04, 20221251 of 2022Lower Class Course at SKAPU
Apr 01, 20221221 of 2022Investigation of Crimes using Social Media Platform at CDTI Chandigarh
Apr 01, 20221222 of 2022Cyber Forensic CCPWC at SKAPU
Mar 31, 20221198 of 2022Tools and Techniques for Online Investigation at CAPT Bhopal
Mar 31, 20221199 of 2022Forensic Investigation of Asphyxia Cases at CAPT Bhopal
Mar 30, 20221159 of 2022Police Wireless communication Corse at CPRTI New Delhi
Mar 29, 20221112 of 202230Years Reunion Seminar at NPA Academy
Mar 29, 20221111 of 2022Operations ( Case Study) at NPA Hyderabad
Mar 29, 20221113 of 2022Bomb Disposal Course at BSF Academy Hazaribagh
Mar 28, 20221085 of 2022Inducted from State Police Services -SPS at NPA Hyderabad
Mar 26, 20221026 of 2022Tactics at NPA Hyderabad
Mar 24, 20221005 of 2022Police Upgrading Cypher Course at CPRTI Delhi
Mar 24, 20221003 of 2022Police Upgradation Cyber Course at CPRTI Delhi
Mar 24, 20221006 of 2022Police Wireless Orientation Course at PTTI Vijaypur
Mar 14, 2022901 of 2022Driving/Maintenance Course at PTTI Vijaypur
Mar 12, 2022858 of 2022Six week Commando Course at CTC lethpora
Mar 12, 2022860 of 2022Training of Trainers to enable Police Officers to be custodian of Society at NPA Hyderabad
Mar 12, 2022859 of 2022Social Media Investigation at CAPT Bophal
Mar 10, 2022822 of 2022Disposal of representation of Inspector telecom
Mar 07, 2022782 of 2022Orientation/Refresher Corse at SKPAu
Mar 07, 2022784 of 2022Gender Sensitization at NEPHA
Mar 07, 2022783 of 2022Forensic Cyber Crime Course at RPCTC lucknow
Mar 07, 2022785 of 2022Cyber Forensic under CCPWC at SKAPU
Mar 04, 2022771 of 2022Promotion of ASI Balbir Singh
Feb 19, 2022629 of 2022advisory functions of Law officers at CBI Academy Ghaziabad
Feb 18, 2022604 of 2022Disaster Management Course at PTTI Vijaypur
Feb 14, 2022556 of 2022Investigation Export Finance related frauds at CBI Academy Ghaziabad
Feb 12, 2022534 of 2022Human Rights & Criminal Justice System at SKPAU
Feb 07, 2022442 of 2022Photography Refresher Course at PTTI Vijaypur
Feb 07, 2022443 of 2022Driving and maintenance course at PTTI Vijapur