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Trainings of J&K Police

Date Orders Nos. Order Subject
Mar 07, 2024521PSIs to undergo six (06) weeks intial training at Corps Battle School (CBS) Bhalra Bhaderwah under 16 Corps of the Indian Army w.e.f 18th March, 2024
Feb 10, 2024321 of 20245 days Crash course "New Criminal Laws" at CAPT Bhopal
Feb 10, 2024322 of 202402 weeks "Tactics-63" at NPA Hyderabad
Feb 10, 2024319 of 20245 days ToT course " Newly Amended Criminal Acts" at CDTI Jaipur
Jan 09, 2024Trg/520/2024/1630-36Offline course on "Negotiation"
Jan 09, 2024Trg/12/2024/1737-46Social Media Investigation and Data Analytics"
Jan 09, 2024Trg/551/2024/1657-66Training "Traffic laws Enforcment & Accident Investigation"
Jan 09, 2024Trg/12/2024/1733-36"Ethics and Soft Skills"
Jan 09, 2024Trg/518/2024/1621-29Five Days course on Investigation of Cyber Crime agaisnt women, children and their safety
Jan 09, 2024Trg/509/2024/1637-41Offlie course on Enrollment user Training in NAFIS and CrPI Act
Jan 09, 2024Trg/522/2024/1642-49CTraining "Cyber Crime Investigation and Digital Forensics
Jan 09, 2024Trg/549/2024/1672-81Training "Capacity Building New Criminal Laws"
Jan 09, 2024Trg/545/2024/1682-90Training "National Mission for safety of Women"
Jan 09, 2024Trg/545/2024/1682-90Trg/545/2024/1682-90
Jan 09, 2024Trg/559/2024/1698-1707Training "Cyber Crime Awareness for Police Officers"
Jan 09, 2024Trg/538/2024/1717-25Training "Crime against Women and sexual Harassment of women at workplace"
Jan 09, 2024Trg/14/2024/1726-32Sensitization of Police and Prisons Official on Implementation of transgender Persons"
Jan 08, 202495 of 202403 days course on "Data Analytics and Predictive Policing
Jan 08, 202498 of 2024Cyber Crime and Digital Forensics-Investigation Track
Jan 08, 202496 of 2024Training of Trainers on CCTS
Jan 08, 202499 of 2024Training "Cyber Security and Strategy
Jan 05, 202447 of 202401 week training programme "CCTNS"
Jan 05, 2024Trg/561/2024/880-89Trainging course
Jan 05, 202446 of 202405 days training on "Women Safety"
Jan 04, 202433 of 202402 days 2nd National Conference on Emerging Technologies"
Jan 04, 202434 of 202404 weeks "Police Wireless Orientation Course"
Jan 04, 2024Trg/557/2024/501-10Training Programme
Jan 04, 2024Trg/559/2024/511-2005 daysCyber Crime Awareness of Police officers"
Jan 04, 2024Trg/558/2024/521-3062 weeks Course on "tactics"
Jan 04, 2024Trg/542/2024/543-52One week course on "Mobile Forensic/CDR/IPDR Analysis"
Jan 04, 2024Trg/541/2024/531-40one week course on "Advance Intyelligence Course"
Jan 04, 202435 of 202401 week "traffic Induction Course"
Jan 02, 202428 of 2024Two weeks referesher course
Jan 02, 2024Trg/550/2024/249-5805 days course on "Module of VIP Seceurity"
Jan 02, 2024Trg/555/2024/263-7206 days course on "Crime Scene Management and Medico legal"
Jan 02, 2024Trg/554/2024/293-30203 days course on "New Challenges in Counter Cyber Terrorism"
Jan 02, 2024Trg/551/2024/239-4803 days course on "Traffic Laws Enforcement and Accident Investigation"
Jan 02, 2024Trg/553/2024/313-2203 days offline course on "Narco Terrorism"
Jan 02, 2024Trg/552/2024/303-1201 day online webinar on "Understanding Digital Evidence and Standing Operating Procedure"
Jan 02, 2024Trg/549/2024/273-82Two weeks course on "Capacity Building New Criminal Laws"
Dec 30, 2023Trg/529/2024/565-74One day Webinar on "Emerginh Trends in LWE"
Dec 29, 20233624 of 2023Training programme "Police Basic Cipher Course (CBCC) SI. NO. 372"
Dec 28, 2023Trg/530/2024/56004-13Five days offline course on "Inculcation of Soft Skills"
Dec 28, 2023Trg/534/2024/56065-7303 days offline course on "Smart Policing"
Dec 28, 2023Trg/518/2024/56084-93Five days offline course on "Investigation of Cyber Crime against Women, Children and their safety related issues"
Dec 28, 2023Trg/513/2024/56103-12One week TOT on "National Mission for safety pf Women"
Dec 28, 2023Trg/541/2024/56339-48One week course on "Advance Intelligence Couse"
Dec 28, 2023Trg/543/2024/56368-77One week course on "National mission for Safety of Women (NMSW)
Dec 28, 20233625 of 2023Preliminery functional, operational and maintenance for newly inducted Innova Crysta G+
Dec 28, 2023Trg/545/2024/56307-16One week course on "National Mission for Safety of Women (NMSW)"
Dec 28, 2023Trg/542/2024/56359-67One week course on "Mobile Forensic/CDR/IPDR Analysis
Dec 28, 2023Trg/520/2024/55976-8405 days offline course on "Negotiation"
Dec 28, 2023Trg/525/2023/55985-94Five days offline course on "Cybercrime Investigation and handling of Digital Evidence"
Dec 28, 2023Trg/519/2023/56034-43Five days offline course on "Mobile Forensics"
Dec 28, 2023Trg/515/2024/56044-53Two weeks course on "Investigation of Cyber Cases (DSI)"
Dec 28, 2023Trg/511/2024/56054-63Five days offline course on "Investigation of Bank/Plastic card Fraud cases Include Digital Payment Landscape in India"
Dec 28, 2023Trg/531/2023/56074-83One day Webinar on "Scientific Aids to Investigation and Analysis of Scientific Evidence"
Dec 28, 2023Trg/509/2024/56094-102Five days offline course on "Enrollment user Training in NAFIS and CrPI Act"
Dec 28, 20233614 of 2023(01) week "Anti Sabotage Check and X-Ray Baggage Scanner Monitoring Training Course"
Dec 28, 2023Trg/544/2024/56329-3803 days course on "Computer System Analysis for Investigation"
Dec 28, 20233613 of 202302 weeks "SOG Refresher Course Phase-IV"
Dec 28, 2023Trg/540/2024/56349One week course on "Enhancing Police capabilities for Effective NDPS Enforcement"
Dec 26, 20233573Training Programme "Work Life Balance and Mindfulness amongh Working Women"
Dec 23, 2023Trg/525/2024/55343-52Five days Special Course on "Criminal Justice and Digital Forensics.
Dec 23, 20233569Three days course on "Investigation of Crime Against Children & Juvenile Justice.
Dec 22, 20233565 of 2023one week Advance course on "Cyber Crime, Intelligence and Counter Terrorism.
Dec 22, 2023Trg/533/2024/55170-79Three days course on Analysis of CDR, IPDR & CCTV Footage.
Dec 21, 2023Trg/534/2024/54888-96Three days offiine course on "Smart policing.
Dec 21, 20233550 of 2023Three days offline course on " Negotiation Skills
Dec 21, 2023Trg/02/2024/54915-23Two (02) days course on *Concept of Leadership & Management in Police"
Dec 21, 2023Trg/04/2024/54926-36Two (02) days seminar on "Community Policing"
Dec 21, 2023Trg/03/2024/54938-46Two (02) days training programme on "CCTNS"
Dec 21, 20233551 of 2023Ten (10) days capsule Training course.
Dec 21, 2023Trg/05/2024/54909-13Five (05) days training prograrnme on "Cyber Forensics.
Dec 20, 2023Trg/524/2024/54716-25Two days "2nd National conference on Emerging Technologies
Dec 20, 20233547 of 2023Five days course on'Eyber and cyber Law Program for Judiciar officers, pubric prosecutors and porice Officers.
Dec 18, 2023Trg/531/2024/54286-95One day webinar on "Scientific Aids to Investigation & Analysis of Scientific Evidence "
Dec 18, 2023Trg/530/2024/54276-85Five (05) days offline course on "Inculcation of soft Skills
Dec 18, 2023Trg/525/2024/54266-75Training programms on Cybercrime Investigation & Handling of Digital Evidence"
Dec 18, 2023Trg/525/2024/54266-75Training programms on Cybercrime Investigation & Handling of Digital Evidence"
Dec 18, 2023Trg/531/2024/54286-95One day webinar on "Scientific Aids to Investigation & Analysis of Scientific Evidence
Dec 18, 2023Trg/530/2024/54276-85Five (05) days offline course on "Inculcation of soft Skills"
Dec 18, 2023Trg/529/2024/54296-305One day webinar on "Emerging Trends in LWE
Dec 18, 2023Trg/529/2024/54296-305One day webinar on "Emerging Trends in LWE.
Dec 15, 2023Trg/512/2024/54178-86Five days course on "Cyber Security and Strategy.
Dec 15, 2023Trg/512/2024/54178-86Five days course on "Cyber Security and Strategy,,
Dec 14, 2023Trg/524/2024/53960-69Training programme "2nd National conference on Emerging Technologies"
Dec 14, 20233504 of 2023One week training programme on "CCTNS"
Dec 13, 20233469 of 202305 days "Investigation of Financial Frauds on digital platform and Internet Banking"
Dec 13, 20233470 of 202303 days course on "Developing Good communicaiion Skills, Behaviour attitude and Responsibility towards General Public"
Dec 13, 20233471 of 202305 days training on "Investigation of Murder and Homicide Cases" under Development Specialist Investigator (DSI) Plan Scheme of BPR&D,
Dec 11, 20233440 of 2023confirmation test Police telecom SI's
Dec 11, 20233441 of 2023Training Programme "Crime and Intoxication"
Dec 08, 20233431 of 2023Training programme "Investigation of special Crime and NDPS Act Cases"
Dec 08, 20233435 of 2023Training Programme "Investigation of NDPS Cases"
Dec 06, 20233423 of 2023Training Programme (01) week *Checking of Electronic Equipment"
Dec 06, 20233424 of 2023Investigation of Cyber Crime against women, Children and their Safety related issues
Dec 02, 20233362 of 2023 Dated 01-12-2023Training programme "satellite Communication & POLNET 2.0 (SC&POL-11)"
Dec 02, 2023Order No.3359 of 2023 Dated 30-11-2023Course on Drone Technology Policy Imperative
Nov 28, 20233308 of 2023computer Networking and Internet of Things I(CN&IOT(02)1 at CPRTI Delhi