Trainings of J&K Police

Date Orders Nos. Order Subject
May 23, 20191976 of 2019Specialized Commando Course under Jammu based PARA Unit.
May 23, 20191977 of 2019Cyber Forensics at LNJN National Institute of Criminology Rohini Delhi
May 21, 20191933 of 2019Access Control Course at PTTI Vijaypur
May 20, 20191919 of 2019"Bomb Disposal BD (SP) Basic Course-99" at NSG Training Centre Manesar Haryana
May 20, 20191918 of 2019"Combating Financing of Terror" at NIA New Delhi w.e.f. 24-05-2019
May 17, 20191891 of 2019Basic Recruit Training Course (Constitution of Board) at STC Talwara
May 17, 20191893 of 2019Police Commando Course (PCC-63) at NSG Training Center Manesar Haryana
May 17, 20191892 of 2019Constitution of Board for Basic Recruit Training Course at PTS Manigam
May 17, 20191895 of 201924 weeks Narcotic Detection course & 36 weeks Trackers Course at NTDC Haryana
May 16, 20191880 of 201925 Years Re-Union Seminar of 1994 batch(47 RR) of IPS Officers at SVP, NPA Hyderabad
May 13, 20191834 of 2019Investigation of Financial Fraud & Corporate Offence at NEPA Meghalya
May 13, 20191835 of 2019Intelligence Orientation Programme at NIA New Delhi
May 13, 20191857 of 2019Anti Sabotage Check Course at PTTI Vijaypur
May 10, 20191800 of 2019Basic Intelligence Collection Course at State Intelligence Training School Jammu
May 09, 20191792 of 2019"Police Basic Cipher Course (PBCC) SL. No. 361 (S)" at CPRTI New Delhi
Apr 18, 20191608 of 2019"Basic Intelligence Collection Course" at SITS Miran Sahib, Jammu
Apr 18, 20191609 of 2019"Basic Induction Course" at PTTI Vijaypur w.e.f. 06-05-2019
Apr 12, 20191563 of 2019"Specialized Security Course" at PTTI Vijaypur w.e.f. 06-05-2019
Apr 12, 20191562 of 2019"Checking of Electronic Equipment's" at PTTI Vijaypur
Mar 25, 20191300 of 2019Crime Against Women at LNJN New Delhi
Mar 25, 20191298 of 2019Drill and Discipline at PTTI Vijaypur
Mar 25, 20191299 of 2019Counter Terrorism at East Zone Regional Training Center Kolkata
Mar 25, 20191302 of 2019Police Upgrading Cipher Course Grade-II SL.No-144(S&D) at CPRTI New Delhi
Mar 22, 20191216 of 2019Basic Intelligence Collection Course at SIT School Miran sahib Jammu
Mar 22, 20191215 of 2019Investigators on safety of Women at SKPA Udhampur
Mar 19, 20191175 of 2019"Criminal & Forensic Psychology" at LNJN, National Institute of Criminology and Forensic Science, Rohani Delhi
Mar 19, 20191178 of 2019"Combating Financing of Terror" at NIA New Delhi w.e.f 22-03-2019
Mar 19, 20191176 of 2019"Investigation of Bank Fraud Cases" at CBI Academy Ghaziabad from 22-04-2019
Mar 19, 20191177 of 2019"Counter Terrorism" at EZRTC West Bengal
Mar 12, 20191100 of 2019Police Basic Cipher Course (PBCC) SL No 360(S) at CPRTI New Delhi
Mar 11, 20191084 of 2019One Day Conference on Training Requirement of Police Communication at DCPW New Delhi
Mar 08, 2019960 of 2019Developing good communication skills, behavior attitude and responsibility towards the general public at SKPA Udhampur
Mar 08, 2019961 of 2019Basic Computer course at PTTI Vijaypur.
Mar 07, 2019934 of 2019Collection and Preservation of Digital evidence at CDTI Ghaziabaed
Mar 07, 2019933 of 2019GSAT-06 Technology Orientation Course (GSAT-04) at CPRTI New Delhi
Mar 07, 2019932 of 2019Social Media Analysis & Setting up of Social Media Labs at NPA hyderabad
Mar 07, 2019935 of 2019Smart Policing at SKPA Udhampur
Mar 06, 2019886 of 2019Ecnomic Offences and Legal issues at National Law School of India University Bangalore
Mar 06, 2019887 of 2019Regulation of Cyber Crimes & Legal aspects at SVP, NPA Hyderabad
Mar 05, 2019867_2019Mechanic Course at PTTI Vijaypur
Feb 27, 2019779 of 2019Ist National Conference on Prosecution at CAPT Bhopal
Feb 27, 2019781 of 2019Drug Abuse Prevention at SKPA Udhampur
Feb 27, 2019780 of 2019Training of Trainer Programme ob Gender Sensitization at Telangana State Police Academy Hyderabad
Feb 22, 2019737 of 2019Investigation of Cyber Crime Cases at CDTI Chandigarh
Feb 21, 2019724 of 2019VSAT System (VSAT-17) at CRPTI New Delhi
Feb 21, 2019726 of 2019Investigation of Crypto Currency & Dark Web Cases at CDTI Jaipur Rajastan
Feb 21, 2019728 of 2019Forensic science at LNJN New Delhi
Feb 21, 2019725 of 2019Basic CCTNS at NCRB New Delhi
Feb 21, 2019727 of 2019Road Safety Managment at Institute of Road Traffic Education Faridabad UP
Feb 16, 2019686 of 2019"1st National Conference on Traffic Technologies" at CAPT Campus Kanhasaiya (BPR&D) Bhopal
Feb 16, 2019687 of 2019"Vertical Interaction Course" at NIA Dwarka New Delhi
Feb 15, 2019669 of 2019Human Rights and Criminal Sytems
Feb 14, 2019651 of 2019Training cum RSO Certification Course at Bhabha Atomic Resarch Centre Mumbai
Feb 14, 2019652 of 2019Urban Operation at SVP, National Police academy Hyderabad
Feb 14, 2019653 of 2019Cyber Crime and Cyber Law awareness training Programme Public Proscuter & Judicial Officers at CDTI Chandigarh
Feb 13, 2019632 of 2019Three days Vertical Inter Course on " Organized Crime" at CDTI Chandigarh
Feb 13, 2019633_2019Investigation of Organized Crime at CDTI Ghaziabad
Feb 13, 2019634_2019Cyber Crime investigation( incident Response) and Computer Forensics at CBI Ghaziabad
Feb 13, 2019635_2019Investigation of Cyber Crime Cases(DSI) at CDTI Ghaziabad
Feb 09, 2019584 of 2019"Accountability & Citizen Centric Policing" at MDI Gurgaon
Feb 09, 2019585 of 2019"Investigation of Rape Cases" at CDTI Ghaziabad
Feb 09, 2019586 of 2019"Combating Financing of Terror" at NIA New-Delhi
Feb 07, 2019550 of 2019"Information Security, Digital Forensics and Online Social Media" at National Institute of Criminology and Forensic Science, New Delhi
Feb 07, 2019551 of 2019"Driving and Maintenance Refresher Course" at PTTI Vijaypur, Jmu
Feb 07, 2019549 of 2019"Police Upgrading Cipher Grade-I (PUCC-I) SL No. 82 (S&D)" at CPRTI New Delhi
Feb 07, 2019552 of 2019"Pre-Promotion Course" at PTTI Vijaypur
Feb 07, 2019553 of 2019" Investigation of Human Trafficking / Anti-Human Trafficking" at CDTI Chandigarh
Feb 07, 2019554 of 2019"Intelligence Craft" at CBI Academy, Ghaziabad
Feb 07, 2019560 of 2019"Cyber Forensic & Cyber Crime" at Police Computer Training Centre, western Region, Computer cum SCRB, Gujrat State, Ghandi nagar
Feb 05, 2019491 of 2019"Traffic Management / Handling of Traffic accident victims" at SKPA Udhampur
Jan 31, 2019471 of 2019"PSO Refresher Course" at CTC Lethpora
Jan 30, 2019448 of 2019"Cyber Crime Awareness for Police Officers" at CDTI Ghaziabad
Jan 30, 2019450 of 2019"Advance Communication System Management (ACSM-04)" at CPRTI New Delhi
Jan 30, 2019460 of 2019"Refresher Course" at PTTI Vijaypur w.e.f. 04-02-2019
Jan 30, 2019449 of 2019"Regulation of Cyber Crimes & Legal aspects" at SVP, National Police Academy, Hyderabad
Jan 29, 2019440 of 2019"Ammendment of Crimnal Laws" at NEPA Umsaw Meghalaya
Jan 29, 2019441 of 2019"Soft Skills and Emotional Intelligence for Effective Policing" at CAPT Campus Kanhasaiya, (BPR&D) Bhopal MP
Jan 29, 2019442 of 2019"Crisis response Team Course" at NISA Hakimpet Hyderabad
Jan 28, 2019428 of 2019"Cyber Security in Police Communication (CSPC-15)" at CPRTI New Delhi
Jan 28, 2019429 of 2019"Counter IED Training SI No. 24" at Institute of IED Management, CRPF Pune Maharashtra
Jan 28, 2019408 of 2019"Police Wireless Communication Course Advanced Level (PWCC-AL-05)" at CPRTI New Delhi
Jan 28, 2019409 of 2019"PSO Refresher Course" at PTTI Vijaypur
Jan 28, 2019410 of 2019"Data Analytics" at NCRB New Delhi
Jan 23, 2019330 of 2019"Investigation & Prosecution of Criminal Cases" at CAPT Campus Kanhasaiya (BPR&D) Bhopal MP
Jan 23, 2019329 of 2019Use of Videography & Photograpgy in the crime scene at CDTI Chandigarh
Jan 18, 2019249 of 2019SSG Refersher Course at PTTI Vijaypur
Jan 18, 2019250 of 2019Three/One month " Re-appear/failure Course for Lady Police
Jan 15, 2019177 of 2019Counte4 IED Training at CRPF Pune
Jan 15, 2019193 of 2019Basic Recruit Training Course
Jan 15, 2019192 of 2019Road Accident Investigation
Jan 15, 2019200 of 2019Drill Instructor Course at Addl Training Centre Gorakhpur
Jan 09, 2019132 of 2019Explosive, IEDs a7 Post Blast Procedure at SVP, National Police Academy Hyderabad
Jan 09, 2019133 of 2019Crime Scene Managment Including CCTV Analysis at LNJN, NIC& Forensic Scenice New Delhi
Jan 09, 2019134 of 2019National Consulatation Organized by Natioanl AIDS Control Organization at Park Hotel Sansad Marg New Delhi
Jan 09, 2019135-136Transfer & Postings
Jan 08, 201984 of 2018Office Automation & Color Portrait Building System at SCRB Gujrat
Jan 08, 201999 of 2018Investigation Abroad at CDTI Chandigarh
Jan 08, 2019100 of 2018Forensic Science and Forensic Medicine at CAPT Bohpal
Jan 08, 2019120 of 2018Gender Sensitization at Haryan Police Academy Madhuban
Jan 07, 201971 of 2018Computer Operation and Communcation(COC-46) at CPRTI New Delhi