Trainings of J&K Police

Date Orders Nos. Order Subject
Sep 20, 20193532 of 2019Investigation of Smuggling of Antiques & other Art Objects at CDTI Jaipur
Sep 20, 20193537 of 2019Police Wireless Technician Grade-1(PWT-01)(SPL-01) AT CPRTI Delhi
Sep 20, 20193538 of 2019Human Rights & Refugee Law at NEPA Maghalaya
Sep 20, 20193534 of 201933rd TOT Instructor Development Course Programme at CAPT Bhopal
Sep 20, 20193536 of 2019Cyber Scene Photography and Videography for Police officers at CAPT Bhopal
Sep 18, 20193514 of 2019Urban Operation at NPA Hyderabad
Sep 17, 20193508 of 2019Investigators on Safety of Women at SKPAU
Sep 16, 20193491 of 2019Cyber Investigation at NIA Headquarter New Delhi
Sep 16, 20193489 of 2019Cyber Crime & Investigation at CAPT Bhopal
Sep 16, 20193490 of 2019Basic Course of Finger Print at NCRB New Delhi
Sep 16, 20193492 of 2019Investigation of Cyber Crime at MRS Punjab Police Academy Phillur Punjab
Sep 09, 20193450 of 2019Good Practicing in Policing at CAPT Bhopal
Sep 09, 20193451 of 2019Cyber Crime Awareness at CDTI Chandigarh
Sep 09, 20193452 of 2019Capicity Building of Police Officers for Cyber Crime Prevention Against Women and Children at MP Police Academy Bhopal
Sep 07, 20193447 of 2019Basic Intelligence Collection Course State Intelligence Training School Miran Sahib Jammu
Sep 06, 20193407 of 2019Investigation of Rape Cases at CDTI Chandigarh
Sep 03, 20193356 of 2019Crime Scene Management and Forensic Science at BPRD Hqrs New Delhi
Sep 02, 20193336 of 2019Prosecutors on Safety of Women at SKPAU
Sep 02, 20193349 of 2019National Security Challenges and the Police Response at NIA Academy Delhi
Aug 28, 20193274 of 2019PSO Refresher Course at PTTI Vijaypur
Aug 27, 20193261 of 2019Investigation Techniques at Haryana Police Academy Madhuban
Aug 27, 20193262 of 2019Developing Good Communication Skills, Behavior Attitude and Responsibility towards the General Public at SKPAU
Aug 27, 20193263 of 2019Cyber Crime Awareness for Police Officers at CDTI Ghaziabad
Aug 20, 20193180 of 2019Investigators on Safety of Women at SKPA Udhampur
Aug 20, 20193192 of 2019Basic IT Awareness & PC Troubleshooting at SCRB Gujarat
Aug 20, 20193193 of 2019Fingerprint Science at NCRB New Delhi
Aug 19, 20193155 of 2019Driving and maintenance Course at PTTI Vijaypur
Aug 19, 20193152 of 2019Radio Communication Procedure (RCP-03) at CPRTI New Delhi
Aug 19, 20193153 of 2019Protecting Soft targets Train the Trainer Course at CAPT Bhopal
Aug 19, 20193154 of 2019Police Basic Cipher Course SI. NO.360(S) at CPRTI New Delhi
Aug 09, 20193080 of 2019Reversion of R/Ct Zahoor Ahmad No.2583/S from Constable to Follower
Aug 09, 20193085 of 2019Two weeks Refresher Course for Level-II followed by 12 weeks Police Wireless Communication Course Level-II
Aug 09, 20193084 of 2019One day Workshop on " Role of Technology in Reuniting Missing Children and Trafficked Persons"
Aug 06, 20193067 of 201932 Training of Trainers (TOT) Course at CAPT BPRD Bhopal
Aug 06, 20193068 of 2019One day Workshop at Regional Police Wireless Training Institute Chandigarh
Aug 02, 20193043 of 2019One day workshop on Union Home Minister's Medal for Excellence in Training and Union Home Minister's Trophy at BPR&D Hqrs New Delhi
Jul 26, 20192887 of 2019Police Verification Service Standards BPR&D Headquarter Mahipalpur New Delhi
Jul 25, 20192886 of 2019Investigation of Murder/Homicide case at Haryana Police Academy
Jul 23, 20192836 of 2019Cyber Crime & Digital Forensics
Jul 23, 20192837 of 2019Investigation of Wild Life Crime Cases at CDTI Jaipur
Jul 23, 20192838 of 2019Community policing at SKPA Udhampur
Jul 19, 20192784 of 2019"Training of Life Guards" at AGCR Delhi
Jul 19, 20192785 of 2019"Police Basic Cipher Course (PBCC) SL.NO.362 (S)" at CPRTI New Delhi
Jul 19, 20192786 of 2019"Checking of Electronic Equipments" at PTTI Vijaypur
Jul 18, 20192752 of 2019Investigators on safety of Women at SKPAU
Jul 18, 20192751 of 2019SSG Refresher Course at PTTI Vijaypur
Jul 17, 20192739 of 2019Refresher Cipher Course SL No. 21(S) at CPRTI New Delhi
Jul 17, 20192738 of 2019Collection & Preservation of Digital Evidence at CDTI chandigarh
Jul 12, 20192665 of 2019Mechanic Course at PTTI Vijaypur
Jul 12, 20192666 of 2019Investigation of Terrorism Cases at NIA Kochi
Jul 11, 20192616 of 2019Mobile Forensics at CDTI Ghaziabad UP
Jul 11, 20192614 of 2019Cyber Forensics & Cyber Crime T CRB Gujarat
Jul 11, 20192615 of 2019Technology in Law Enforcement at NCRB New Delhi
Jul 11, 20192613 of 2019Humanitarian Forensics at GFSU Gujarat
Jul 10, 20192602 of 2019Design of Practice Firing Ranges at TBRL Chandigarh
Jul 09, 20192581 of 2019Basic Induction Course for DySP at SKPAU
Jul 09, 20192601 of 2019Crime Scene Management and Forensic Science at BPR&D Hqrs New Delhi
Jul 04, 20192547 of 2019"Combating Financing of Terror" at NIA New Delhi wef 28-06-2019
Jul 04, 20192545 of 2019"Instructor Development Course" at CAPT Campus Kanhasaiya, (BPR&D) Bhopal
Jul 04, 20192525 of 2019"Collection of Cryptographic Document" at DCPW New Delhi
Jul 04, 20192546 of 2019Investigation and Detection of Crime at CDTI Ghaziabad UP
Jul 04, 20192458 of 2019"Social Media in Indian Police" at SKPA Udhampur
Jul 01, 20192440 of 2019"Good Practices in Policing" at CAPT Campus Kanhasaiya, (BPR&D) Bhopal
Jul 01, 20192441 of 2019"Investigation of Terrorism Cases; Drafting of MLA/LR; Radicalization & De-Radicalization" at NIA Hyderabad
Jul 01, 20192442 of 2019"Organised / Syndicate Crime" at CBI Academy Ghaziabad
Jul 01, 20192443 of 2019"Capacity building of SDRFs with Observer participants from Home GUards CD & Fire Service-2019" at Vigyan Bhawan New Delhi
Jun 29, 20192400 of 2019Constitution of Board for Final examination "Basic Recruit Training Course" at STC Talwar
Jun 29, 20192399 of 2019Constitution of Board for Final Examination " Basic Recruit Training Course" at STC Sheeri
Jun 19, 20192299 of 2019"Advance Security Liaison (ASL) and Post Coverage Report (PCR)" at IITA Moinabad, near Hyderabad
Jun 18, 20192276 of 2019"Intermediate Class Course" at SKPA Udhampur
Jun 17, 20192242 of 2019"National Security" at SVP, NPA Hyderabad
Jun 17, 20192241 of 2019"Familiarization Training of Officers and Staff of GRP about working of Railway" at RPF Zonal Training Institute West railway Yard, Valsad Gujrat
Jun 13, 20192221 of 2019"Intellectual Property Rights (IPRs)" at SKPA Udhampur
Jun 11, 20192174 of 2019"Use of Technology by Terrorist and their supporters in J&K" at Directorate of Indian Defence University, Jodhpur Officers Hostel, C-Hexagon, India Gate, New Delhi
Jun 11, 20192175 of 2019"Specialized Commando Training Course" at Army 9 PARA (SF), Udhampur
Jun 11, 20192176 of 2019"Refresher Course for Level-III" at PTTI Vijaypur
Jun 11, 20192177 of 2019"Cyber Crime and Cyber Law Awareness" at CDTI Chandigarh wef 11-06-2019
Jun 08, 20192170 of 2019One day Capsule Course on Narcotics by NCB at Police Auditorium Gulshan Ground Jammu
Jun 04, 20192122 of 2019"Photography Refresher Course" at PTTI Vijaypur
Jun 04, 20192123 of 2019"Forensic Audio, Forensic Photography & Video Technology" at LNJN, National Institute of Crimnology & Forensic Science, Rohini Delhi
Jun 04, 20192126"Anti Sabotage Check Course" at PTTI Vijaypur wef 10-06-2019
Jun 04, 20192125 of 2019"Disaster Management Course" at PTTI Vijaypur wef 07-06-2019
Jun 04, 20192124 of 2019"Basic Computer Course" at PTTI Vijaypur w.e.f. 10-06-2019
May 28, 20192043 of 2019Cyber Crime & Cyber Law awareness Course at CDTI Chandigarh
May 28, 20192042 of 2019Investigators on safety of Women Course at SKPA Udhampur
May 24, 20192002 of 2019Cyber Crime Investigation and Cyber Forensics at CBI Academy Ghaziabad
May 23, 20191976 of 2019Specialized Commando Course under Jammu based PARA Unit.
May 23, 20191977 of 2019Cyber Forensics at LNJN National Institute of Criminology Rohini Delhi
May 21, 20191933 of 2019Access Control Course at PTTI Vijaypur
May 20, 20191919 of 2019"Bomb Disposal BD (SP) Basic Course-99" at NSG Training Centre Manesar Haryana
May 20, 20191918 of 2019"Combating Financing of Terror" at NIA New Delhi w.e.f. 24-05-2019
May 17, 20191891 of 2019Basic Recruit Training Course (Constitution of Board) at STC Talwara
May 17, 20191893 of 2019Police Commando Course (PCC-63) at NSG Training Center Manesar Haryana
May 17, 20191895 of 201924 weeks Narcotic Detection course & 36 weeks Trackers Course at NTDC Haryana
May 17, 20191892 of 2019Constitution of Board for Basic Recruit Training Course at PTS Manigam
May 16, 20191880 of 201925 Years Re-Union Seminar of 1994 batch(47 RR) of IPS Officers at SVP, NPA Hyderabad
May 13, 20191834 of 2019Investigation of Financial Fraud & Corporate Offence at NEPA Meghalya
May 13, 20191835 of 2019Intelligence Orientation Programme at NIA New Delhi
May 13, 20191857 of 2019Anti Sabotage Check Course at PTTI Vijaypur
May 10, 20191800 of 2019Basic Intelligence Collection Course at State Intelligence Training School Jammu