Trainings of J&K Police

Date Orders Nos. Order Subject
Mar 14, 20201076 of 2020Forensic Science & Forensic Medicine an AID to Investigation and Prosecution at CAPT Bhopal
Mar 12, 20201029 of 2020Cyber Forensic & Cyber Crime at SCRB Gujrat
Mar 10, 2020982 of 2020Conference of Women Officers in Police at BPR&D New Delhi
Mar 10, 2020981 of 2020Sensitization Programme on Sexual Harrasment of women at NIPCCD
Mar 10, 2020984 of 2020Mobile Forensic & CDR Analysis at Magayla
Mar 10, 2020983 of 2020Cyber Crime at SKPAU
Mar 10, 2020986 of 2020Combating Financing of Terror at NIA Academy Delhi
Mar 06, 2020967 of 2020Refresher course for Level-II followed by 12 weeks Police Wireless Communication Course level-II at PTTI Vijaypur
Mar 05, 2020919 of 2020Instructor Development Course at CAPT Bhopal
Mar 05, 2020918 of 2020Counter Terrorism at IB Training School New Delhi
Mar 05, 2020920 of 2020Basic Computer Course at PTTI Vijaypur
Mar 03, 2020893 of 2020Road Accident Investigation at RTEC Faridabad
Mar 03, 2020883 of 2020Strategic Management of Internal Security at ISA CRPF Rajastan
Feb 29, 2020864 of 2020Anti Sabotage Check and X Ray Baggage Scanner Monitoring Training Course at PTTI Vijaypur
Feb 29, 2020871 of 2020Drug Investigation at Bhopal
Feb 27, 2020856 of 2020Investigation of Economic Crime Cases at CDTI Chandigarh
Feb 27, 2020848 of 2020Inculcation of Soft Skills at CDTI Chandigarh
Feb 27, 2020849 of 2020Women Safety at CDTI Chandigarh
Feb 27, 2020852 of 2020Disaster Management Course at PTTI Vijaypur
Feb 27, 2020853 of 2020Training of Trainers Programme for faculty of State Police Academies at SVPN Hyderabad
Feb 27, 2020854 of 2020National Conference for Young Superintendent of Police & Police Expo-2020 at Haryana
Feb 25, 2020791 of 202002 weeks training on " Crowd Control" at RAF Academy Meerut UP
Feb 25, 2020793 of 2020Six weeks Condensed " intermediate Class Course" at CTC Lethpora
Feb 25, 2020792 of 2020Four weeks Condensed " Upper Class Course" at SKPAU
Feb 25, 2020794 of 2020Six weeks Condensed " Lower Class course" at PTS Manigam
Feb 24, 2020760 of 2020Forensic Examination in Seual Assuault Cases at NICFS Delhi
Feb 24, 2020759 of 20202nd National Conference on Traffic Technologies at CAPT Bhopal
Feb 14, 2020640 of 2020Cyber Crime & Investigation at CAPT Bophal
Feb 14, 2020642 of 20202nd BIMSTEC Disaster management exercise-2020 at Bhubanshwer
Feb 14, 2020645 of 2020Cyber Crime Investigation at NEPA Maghalya
Feb 14, 2020641 of 2020Refresher Course of ASIs of Telecom J&k at PTTI Vijaypur
Feb 14, 2020643 of 2020Human Right and Criminal Justice system at SKPA Udhampur
Feb 14, 2020644 of 2020Technology in Law Enforcement at NCRB Delhi
Feb 11, 2020586 of 2020Mobile Forensics at CDTI Chandigarh
Feb 11, 2020589 of 2020VSAT System & services (VSS-03) at CPRTI New Delhi
Feb 11, 2020588 of 2020Basic IT Awareness & PC troubleshooting at SCRB Ghandinagar Gujrat
Feb 11, 2020585 of 2020Investigation of Crime Against Women & Children Including Sexual Harassment of Women at Work Place and (ii) Online Sexual Exploitation of Children and Women at CBI-Academy Ghaziabad
Feb 11, 2020587 of 2020Basic Course on Finger Print Science at NCRB Delhi
Feb 08, 2020555 of 2020Comprehending the Evolving Contours of Terrorism & IED Threat- Wayahead for the security Community at NSG Training centre Haryana
Feb 08, 2020548 of 2020PSO Refresher Course at PTTI Vijaypur
Feb 08, 2020557 of 20208th Batch training for Veterinary nursing Course for Dog Handlers at IITA Moinabad
Feb 08, 2020558 of 2020Explosive, Narcotic, Tracker and Room Intervention with newly purchased Canines Belgian Shepherd Maliniois Pups at Bangalore
Feb 08, 2020556 of 2020Investigation of wild Life Crime Cases at CDTI Jaipur
Feb 05, 2020521 of 2020Traffic Management/handling of Traffic Accident Victims at SKPAU
Feb 05, 2020522 of 2020SSG Refresher Course at PTTI Vijaypur
Feb 04, 2020504 of 2020Combating Financing of Terror at NIA New Delhi
Feb 04, 2020503 of 2020Crime Against Women and Sexual Harassment at Workplace at NEPA Meghalaya
Feb 04, 2020505 of 2020Post Blast Investigation Course at FBI CRPF Academy Gurugram
Feb 04, 2020506 of 2020Juvenile Justice at SKPAU
Jan 30, 2020417 of 2020Public Order at ISA CRPF Mountabu Rajasthan
Jan 30, 2020419 of 2020Cyber Crime and Digital Forensics at NCRB Delhi
Jan 30, 2020418 of 2020Dark Web and Crypto Currency at SVP NPA Hyderabad
Jan 30, 2020420 of 2020Training of Trainer (TOT) Course at CAPT Bophal
Jan 29, 2020416 of 2020Driving and Maintenance Course at PTTI Vijaypur
Jan 28, 2020388 of 2020Police Upgrading Cipher Course Grade-i)PUCC-I_
Jan 28, 2020289 of 2020Computer Operation & Comm Course at PTTI Vijaypur
Jan 28, 2020390 of 2020Crime in India & ADSI at NCRB Delhi
Jan 28, 2020392 of 2020National Conference of Public Protection and Disaster Response Agencies at DCPW Delhi
Jan 28, 2020393 of 2020Counter Insurgency and Jungle Warfare at NEPA Meghalya
Jan 28, 2020394 of 2020Aid to Civil Authority at DOPT Guwahati
Jan 28, 2020395 of 2020Collection and Preservation of Digital Evidence at CDTI Chandigarh
Jan 28, 2020396 of 2020Soft Skills and Emotional Intelligence for Effective Policing at CAPT Bhopal
Jan 28, 2020391 of 2020Fake India Currency Notes (FICN) at NCRB Delhi
Jan 18, 2020245 of 2020Basic Recruit Training Course at STC Talwara
Jan 18, 2020246 of 2020Good Practices in Policing at CAPT Bhopal
Jan 18, 2020248 of 2020Investigation Plastic Card Frauds/E-Banking Frauds & Using Electronic Evidence for Investigation and Trial, Telemarketing and call center Frauds at CBI Academy Ghaziabad
Jan 15, 2020191 of 2020Stress Management and Self Awareness at NEPA Megaliya
Jan 15, 2020193 of 2020Post Blast Investigation at CDTI Ghaziabad
Jan 15, 2020202 of 2020Police Wireless Basic Training Course at PTTI Vijaypur
Jan 15, 2020192 of 2020Cyber Crime Awareness for Police Officer at CDTI Ghaziabad
Jan 15, 2020194 of 2020Collection and Preservation of Digital Evidence at CDTI Ghaziabad
Jan 14, 2020172 of 2020Disaster Management Course at PTTI Vijaypur
Jan 14, 2020170 of 2020Appreciation course on Disaster Management at NEPA Megalyia
Jan 08, 2020116 of 2020Workshop of SHOs/Investigators (SIs/Public Prosecutors & Forensic Science Experts at CDTI Chandigarh
Jan 07, 2020101 of 2020Investigation of wild life Crime Cases at CDTI Jaipur
Jan 07, 2020102 of 2020Study-cum-Culture Tour Programme outside state
Jan 06, 202054 of 2020Six months (Basic & Policing) in Discipline Drill, Arms & Ammunition etc at PTTI Vijaypur followed by 03 months Basic Disaster Management Course by HG/CD/SDRF J&k
Jan 04, 202035 of 2020LWE Appreciation at ISA CRPF Rajastan
Jan 04, 202036 of 2020Police Communication Technology Appraisal (PCTA-37) at CPRTI New delhi
Dec 31, 20195071 of 2019Six weeks Condensed " Intermediate Class Course" at SKPAU
Dec 31, 20195074 of 2019Space Technology/ADRIN/GIS/C at CDTI Chandigarh
Dec 31, 20195072 of 2019LWE Appreciation at ISA CRPF Rajastan
Dec 31, 20195073 of 2019Mid Career Training Programme (MCTP) Phase V Course at SVPN Hyderabad
Dec 24, 20194940 of 2019Comabating Financing of Terror at NIA Delhi
Dec 19, 20194882 of 2019Investigating ISIS Network at NIA Headquarter Delhi
Dec 19, 20194883 of 2019Forensic Science & Investigation Technique at CDTI Chandigarh
Dec 19, 20194881 of 2019Response to Active Shooter Incident Train the Trainer at CAPT Bhopal
Dec 14, 20194809 of 2019Checking of Electronic Equipment at PTTI Vijaypur
Dec 11, 20194703 of 2019Investigation of Bank Fraud cases and Plastic Fraud cases at CDTI Chandigarh
Dec 11, 20194710 of 2019Police Communication Tech Appraisal at PTTI Vijaypur
Dec 11, 20194714 of 20192nd National SHO's Conference at CAPT Bhopal
Dec 11, 20194716 of 201937th National Symposium of Heads of Police Training at BPR&D Delhi
Dec 11, 20194704 of 2019Information Security & Cyber Forensic for Beginners at LNJN Institute of Criminology Science New Delhi
Dec 11, 20194702 of 2019Advance Technology in Forensic Science at Haryan Police Academy
Dec 11, 20194705 of 2019CCTNS Workshop at NCRB Delhi
Dec 11, 20194706 of 2019Bomb and Explosive at M.R>s Punjab Police Academy
Dec 11, 20194709 of 2019Extensive Computer Course at PTTI Vijaypur
Dec 11, 20194715 of 2019Sensitization Programme on Sexual Harassment of Women at workplaces at NIPCCD New Delhi
Dec 11, 20194713 of 2019Traffic Regulation and Traffic Management at SKPAU
Dec 11, 20194707 of 2019Two weeks Refersher Course for Level-1 followed by 12 weeks police Wireless communication course level-1 at PTTI Vijaypur